Tommy Plus 3

Tommy Plus 3

Roger Daltrey’s tour, in which he performs The Who’s Tommy in its entirety, is under way. Backed by local orchestras for the 12 shows in 10 cities, he tosses in two other Who staples during the encore — “Who are You” and “Baba O’Riley,” along with “Always Heading Home” off his new album, As Long as I Have You.

Show number-three is tomorrow night (Tuesday), the second of two shows in Vienna, Virginia. The tour runs through July 8th in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. He will be at Tanglewood in Lennox Ma June 15.

Roger Daltrey set list:


    It’s a Boy


    Amazing Journey


    Eyesight to the Blind


    Cousin Kevin

    The Acid Queen

    Do You Think It’s Alright?

    Fiddle About

    Pinball Wizard

    There’s a Doctor

    Go to the Mirror!

    Tommy Can You Hear Me?

    Smash the Mirror


    I’m Free

    Miracle Cure


    Sally Simpson


    Tommy’s Holiday Camp

    We’re Not Gonna Take It

    See Me, Feel Me

    Who Are You

    Baba O’Riley

Always Heading Home

Photo: Anthony G. Moore/