The Shaboo!!!

The Shaboo!!!

Steven Tyler has acknowledged the 45th anniversary of “Dream On,” which was released on June 27th, 1973. He says,

“If it weren’t for the boys in Aerosmith it never would have seen the light of day.”

Here is a little bit of history with a Connecticut connection of Aerosmith’s best known song from Mr. Tyler:

“I wrote the music when I was 17 on a pump organ in Sunapee, New Hampshire. I wrote the lyrics in two days at a hotel at Boston Logan Airport and sang it live for the first time at the Shaboo Inn in Mansfield, Connecticut…”

Remember the Shaboo?  Legendary!

Tyler, who is on tour with his solo band, performed it 45 years to the day, last Wednesday, in Detroit. Here is Steven on a dream he has for “Dream on”

“We’re aspiring to someday be, you know, the lounge act on the [Space] Shuttle on the way to the Moon just so I could sing ‘Dream On’ upside down, which I actually have done in the ’70s, but it’s been a while.”

Photo: Izumi Hasegawa/