He’s Very Mad!

He’s Very Mad!

Stevie Van Zandt, who is on tour in Europe with his band, The Disciples of Soul, had some problems with security at John Lennon Airport in Liverpool Friday. He vented on Twitter, then had a few choice words for those who felt he was being unreasonable.

“They insisted on X-raying all 65 of our bags! Not just the carry-ons. Like I’m going to blow up my own plane? Half the day is gone. My band works hard. They deserve a day off…

“This is not the main part of the airport… There are areas of every airport for private planes. They have an entirely different set of protocols and certainly a different culture than the mass transit areas. Maybe this guy was just having a bad day…

“There’s a right way and a wrong way to do everything. I haven’t had every CHECKED bag X-rayed … EVER! EVER!”

Van Zandt’s advice: “Warning Rock Bands! Do not leave Liverpool from John Lennon Airport. The most arrogant and obnoxious security in 40 years of travel … Liverpool! Of all places! Best audience, worst airport. Yoko should remove John Lennon’s name! …

“Nothing could change my opinion of Liverpool! In my religion it’s Mecca! But please bust this creep. And the wicked witch working with him was no bargain either. How they treat people reflects on the city.”

And when someone suggested the security agent was only doing his job, Van Zandt said,

 “Oh pleeeeease! I work with law enforcement every day. He was a creep. Don’t make excuses for him. No need to be rude to people visiting one’s country. Especially when you represent the country in a position like that. He was an ass. His wife should leave him!”


Photo: Glenn Harris/PRPhotos.com.