But He Still Likes Them

But He Still Likes Them

Despite his past roles in both The Doobie Brothers and Steely Dan, Michael McDonald isn’t joining his old bandmates on this summer’s package tour.

McDonald, who will soon do his own solo tour, deftly sidesteps a question his lack of participation in “Doobies and Dan.” But he makes it clear that he remains friends with both groups.

“Pat had mentioned it and Tommy had mentioned it to me earlier, as much as a year ago. Although they weren’t touring with Donald at that point. That’s something that… the door’s always open to, you know, we’re all still very very close. And I’m so happy for those guys to see them playing the venues that they’re playing.”

He notes Steely Dan survivor Donald Fagen’s “kindness over the years in including me in the original band back in the day and even in more recent years.” He says it’s something he really appreciates.He’s even clearer about his feelings about the Doobies.

“One of the all-time great American bands, with or without me. And I’m always open to anything where those guys are concerned. There’s a part of me that will always be a Doobie Brother. Some of the best memories I’ve ever had in the music business. They’re not lacking anything by me not being there. I think they, the band, they are The Doobie Brothers, and still one of the best bands. They sound as good as ever, better than ever, really.”

Photo: PRPhotos.com.