Beavis and Butthead were right?

Beavis and Butthead were right?

40 years ago today (July 6th, 1978) was long cited as the date former New York City policemen Eddie Mahoney had his name legally changed to Eddie Money. But according to Eddie, he never went through with it. He kept his stage name unofficial out of respect for his father — who, like him, was a New York City police officer.

“My name is actually still Mahoney. Eddie Money is just kind of a stage name I guess. Well, you know, I tell ya, when a check says ‘Eddie Money,’ I can cash the check if it says ‘Eddie Money.’ You know, my dad was a cop. And being a proud Irishman, he never really wanted me to change my name to Eddie Money.”

He also says that Apollonia, made famous by Prince was not a good dancer.  She was in his “Shakin’” video.

“She was so uptight when I met her and she was married to a guy doing karate and stuff like that. She was a very nice girl, but I just thought she wasn’t much of a dancer. She got better when she worked with Prince, but I’m into looking at girls dance when they dance good – like my wife, man, she could dance. Apollonia, she might’ve been cute, but man, she can’t dance. She couldn’t dance when she was doing my video, but I always thought having a pretty girl like that in a video was an asset. But I hated the haircut. I thought that Beavis and Butthead had it right. That was a pretty corny video.”

Photo: Guillermo Proano/