Eddie Money Again

Eddie Money Again

Eddie Money’s reality series Real Money documents his lives as a rocker and as a family patriarch. He’s pleased that AXS TV just renewed it for a second season.

“I wish we would have done it 10 years ago and 10 pounds ago. But people seem to like it, you know. Well, you know, the kid’s got a career. I got my son’s band happening, Dez Money and the Phase. And if you think about it, kids don’t sell CDs anymore. They don’t even put CD players in cars anymore. it’s all about social media, you know. And my daughter, Jessica, she’s got a promising career ahead of her. Then, I’ve got another son named Joseph. He’s into dubstep music… he’s into electronic dance music, EDM.”

He sounds a little old there and has jokes that are old too:

“You know, I’ve been blessed, I’ve got a good family. The wife still loves me… I do take her to church every Sunday, but then again, it’s the only nap I get all week.”

Ba-dum bump

While nurturing his children’s careers, the Money Man is still making his own music. He’ll play the Milford, Connecticut Oyster Fest August 18th.

Photo: Guillermo Proano/PRPhotos.com.