102.9 The Whale Contest Rules

102.9 The Whale Contest Rules


1. No purchase necessary.

2. Contests are open to residents of Connecticut only.

3. If contest winner is under the age of 18 they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to claim their prize.

4. Difficulties with phone lines to enter the contest or getting to the 102.9 The Whale studios to claim the prizes are not the responsibility of 102.9 The Whale.

5. All applicable federal, state and local taxes are the sole responsibility of the winner and therefore you must present a valid Social Security Card before claiming your prize.

6. Employees, associates, interns, other related sponsors of 102.9 The Whale and our parent company, Connoisseur Media, LLC Enterprises and their immediate families and any employees from other radio stations shall be ineligible to participate in this contest. The term “immediate families” includes spouses, grandparents, parents, siblings, children and grandchildren.

7. Once you have won a contest neither you nor any member of your family or household can win this or another 102.9 The Whale contest for 30 Days. All prizes must be picked up within 30 days of winning – unless prize is time sensitive (ie: event tickets) – or prize will be considered forfeited.

8. All cash prizes will be awarded in the form of a check that must be picked up at the 102.9 The Whale studios during regular business hours.

9. There will be no substitution for prizes. Participation in the contest and the prizes awarded are non-transferable. Failure to collect the prize constitutes forfeiture of the prize. If forfeited, the prize will remain the property of 102.9 The Whale. Another winner will not be selected.

10. By participating in a 102.9 The Whale contest, winners and contestants grant permission to 102.9 The Whale to use their name, photograph, voice and or likeness for advertising and/or publicity purposes without additional consideration.

11. 102.9 The Whale reserves the right to make rule or contest changes without notice at any time. 102.9 The Whale also reserves the right to change the aforementioned contest dates without notice.

12. We reserve the right to substitute any prize with one of equal or greater value.

13. The decision of the 102.9 The Whale management in the interpretation of these rules is final. By participating, persons agree to be bound by the decision of the judges and the official rules.

14. If a winner is found in violation of these rules, he/she may be required to forfeit his/her prize.

15. 102.9 The Whale, its representatives, agencies and employees are not responsible for any liabilities arising directly or indirectly from the award and or use of the prize.

16. Failure to observe any of the above rules absolves 102.9 The Whale of any and all liability and no prize awards will be considered for reimbursement.

17. Listeners accessing our station audio via IP connections like website-based streaming or mobile devices are welcome to enter. However, 102.9 The Whale cannot be responsible for delays in electronic transmission of station audio to IP devices. By entering this contest, listeners acknowledge their understanding and agreement to this specific provision of the contest rules.

18. Additional rules may be added for specific contests at the discretion of the station.

19. A complete copy of these rules can be obtained at the 102.9 The Whale Studios 869 Blue Hills Ave., Bloomfield, CT 06002 during regular business hours Monday – Friday 8:30am-5:30pm.

20. We are not responsible for failed phone connections or dropped calls during any of our contests. If call is taken and disconnected or dropped during contest, the next caller will be taken as winner.

21. When entry requires membership to, or registration with, a third party social network (e.g., Facebook or Twitter) (such person "Users"):  In the event of a dispute regarding the identity of a User, a person who can demonstrate the ability to log into the applicable account with the correct user name and password will be deemed the User who submitted the entry.  Users acknowledge that the third party social network sites ("Social Network Sites") are not affiliated with the Station and, therefore, Station cannot control certain factors relating to such sites, including, without limitation, errors, cancellation of User accounts or technical malfunctions associated with any Social Network Site that may affect any entrant's ability to enter, win, view, be advised of, be eligible for or be properly considered in a particular Station contest.  Contest entry via Social Network Sites may be by one of the following means: (i) Users may be automatically entered in contests from time to time (e.g., all Followers of the applicable Station Twitter account or all Friends or Fan, or people who Like a page or such other terminology used from time to time (as applicable) of the Station's page on Facebook); (ii) User may be required to email the Station, listen to its radio station or visit the Station's website to enter; (iii) all (or selected) Users may be offered the opportunity to call the Station to win at announced days/times or upon the occurrence of certain on-air broadcasts (i.e. a song, series of songs, sounder or phrase); (iv) User may be required to post a comment or take other action to be entered (e.g., changing the User's profile picture) with respect to User's Social Network Site account; or (iv) other means of entry as announced by Station.   With respect to any Station Facebook pages (if any), Station has no obligation whatsoever to "accept" (and reserves the right to freely reject, in its sole discretion in each specific instance) any particular Friend request and any such rejection by Station of a Friend request shall render the requestor ineligible to enter and/or win any contests that require being a "Friend" in order to participate.  Certain contests administered through a Station Facebook page may require that an entrant "like" a Station page in order to access an entry form or to be automatically entered into certain Station contests.  By entering Station contests via a third party social network site, you are authorizing Station to access, utilize and/or pre-load applicable portions of your social network site information (i.e. Facebook profile) into the entry form (although clicking on a separate button may be required to access this function, for example clicking on a "Facebook Login" button).  Station reserves the right, at any time and for any reason or for no reason, to disassociate any person from its social media network page/following by any means then technically available to it (for example, "blocking" a Fan from liking the Station's Facebook page).  Social networking site operators (including, without limitation, Facebook) are in no way a sponsor, endorser or administrator of Station contests and are not affiliated with Station or its contests in any manner.  Entry information provided in Station contests through social networking sites is being provided to Station, not the associated social networking site operator (for example, Facebook).  Some Station Facebook page contests may allow entrants to obtain "extra" entries if they "share" their entry with a friend and that friend validly enters that contest using the link provided by the entrant, provided that (i) the total number of "extra" entries can be capped at a maximum number of "extra" entries, as announced by Station, and (ii) if that friend previously entered that contest through a link from another entrant, his/her attempt to enter the contest through subsequent shared links may not constitute a "valid" entry (in which case, subsequent entrants will not get "extra" entries for that particular friend).