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Picozzi is a legendary Hartford personality, having been part of the huge morning team “Picozzi and the Horn” and instrumental in the rise of WCCC. Picozzi drives you to work every morning on 102.9 The Whale. He mixes in your favorite classic rock with his unique brand of humor as well as the sports, weather, rock news, and prizes to get you up and running every morning.

  • The Stones don't suck
    Yesterday Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer made some surprising comments about the Rolling Stones:
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  • Try the decaf

    Joey Kramer Aerosmith drummer was all fired up!  He compares what many have called America's Rolling Stones to the real Rolling Stones. “First of all, as far as Aerosmith goes there is no band that has been around for almost 50 years that still has the original five guys in the band.

    “Everybody is always raving about the Stones, saying the Stones this and the Stones that. I’ve never cared for the Stones. They never had anything to offer me musically, especially in the drumming department.”

    He also goes onto say that if you go to an Aerosmith concert, people will "realize that we play so much better than them that it’s silly because they’re not so good live... They are what they are and all of that, but I don’t think there’s a band out there today that does what we do.” Joey; try the decaf!

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  • He likes him
    David Crosby has finished his next album "Sky trails".  We assume he likes it.  He says; "I'm getting ready to tour but going diving first".  uh OK; didn't ask but continue "I think I have made three of the best records of my life in the past two years!" Is it the diving?  He likes him; he really likes him. There's no way that ego will record with Stills or Nash or Young or anybody else.  No one would be good enough. Oh and he doesn't like neil Young's girlfriend Daryl Hannah either.
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  • It could happen

    A report out of Australia says AC/DC will move forward with Axl Rose as the band's singer. Could it be?  An indider said:, "The chemistry between Axl Rose and Angus Young has inspired Angus to start planning another AC/DC record, but Guns n’ Roses’ touring commitments throughout 2017 will make it difficult to finalize the project.” He adds, "It is possible fans may be treated to a live album with Rose from the Rock or Bust tour prior to the new studio album.”

    Asked last year if he would contribute to AC/DC following the tour, Axl didn't say it was out of the question. " It's about what they want to do. Im in if they want me and we sort it out. But right now that's getting ahead of ourselves with everything else that's on the table." Maybe he can be the singer for Stone Temple Pilots too; they're looking.

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  • a microphone swinger
    The limited-edition microphones will be available starting March 1st at eBay for Charity, with 100% of proceeds going directly to each artist’s chosen charity. For The Who it's the Teen Cancer America, and for McCartney it's Meat Free Monday
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  • Roger Waters in Hartford
    Roger Waters has added 11 more dates to the Us + Them tour.  He says his concerts will feature "a mixture of stuff from my long career, stuff from my years with Pink Floyd, some new things. Probably 75% of it will be old material and 25% will be new, but it will be all connected by a general theme." Among the "new things" Roger will be playing undoubtedly will be songs from his upcoming solo album, Is This the Life We Really Want?, which he revealed last week will be "coming soon." One of those dates is right here in Hartford, September 24th at the XL Center. Those tickets should go on sale Monday February 27th.
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  • Paul and Ringo record
    PAUL MCCARTNEY went to RINGO STARR's home studio on Sunday, and Ringo posted a picture with the caption, quote, "Thanks for coming over man and playing great bass.  I love you man peace and love." It must've been great because Ringo posted 6 emojis!
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  • Senator Ted?
    If you recall it was suggested that Kid Rock would be a good candidate to unseat Democratic incumbent Debbie Stabeaw in Michigan.  Kid had nothing to say but Ted Nugent did:  "If these GOP sons-a-bitches don't get it right this time I will come charging in as the ultimate WE THE PISSED OFF PEOPLE Mr. Fix-It Constitutional fire breathing crap kicker candidate from hell!”
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  • That doesn't even seem strange anymore
    Senator Kid Rock? It does not seem that out of the question these days. It is nothing but a rumor for now, the political site Roll Call claims that at the Michigan Republican Party’s convention over the weekend of Feb. 10-12, Mr. Rock, a Republican, whose real name is Bob Ritchie was floated as a potential challenger for Senator Debbie Stabenow, a Democrat who’s held her seat since 2000. You KNOW it could absolutely happen.
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  • little doubt remains
    There is the persistant rumor that Ace Frehley will rejoin Kiss or at least will be asked to appear for a 40th reunion.  We all suspect that Ace is perpetuating that rumor.  Paul Stanley may have put that to rest.  When asked about the possible return of Ace he said this:" NO. NO. NO." and then added the politically correct phrase:"But we wish him well, always."
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