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Did You See Matt Lauer When He Was In Connecticut For "Red Nose Day"?

Biking from Boston to New York City, with stops in Connecticut along the way... MORE

Congrats To The Hartford High School That Won Their First Baseball Game In...How Many Years?!?

In this case, perseverance really pays off... MORE

With David Letterman Signing Off Tomorrow Night, Let's Remember When He Got Coffee In Connecticut With Jerry Seinfeld

A classic Connecticut moment from two of the biggest TV stars of all time... MORE

The *First* Loudest Band In The World, Plus CSN (Without The Y) - Concerts In Connecticut This Week

The Who, Joan Jett, CSN, and more come to Connecticut this week - who are you going to see? MORE

There's An 1860s-Style Baseball Game In Connecticut This Weekend

The weather's gonna be good - so let's go back in time! MORE

MUST LISTEN: A Mashup Of "Helter Skelter" And "Whole Lotta Love"

This is truly the greatest thing you'll hear today! MORE

Cheers To You, Connecticut - We Drink More Red Wine Than Almost Everyone Else!

I feel like this would be even higher if they included boxed wine... MORE

The Last Ramone, One Of The E Street Band, And Many More Come To Connecticut This Week

Lots of great shows in Connecticut this week - who are you going to see? MORE

Bong Lighting And Selfies - Connecticut's Distracted Drivers Are The Absolute Worst

You seriously won't believe how much extra money Connecticut made this month... MORE

Where's The Beef? It's All Over The Road In Manchester

And my stomach mourns... MORE

A Former Late Night Host And A Current One, Plus Two Of The Biggest '80s Hair Bands! Who's Coming To Connecticut This Week?

A lot of great live shows are coming to Connecticut this week... MORE

Seriously, Connecticut? Another Freeze Watch Tonight?!?

Come on! It's April 24!!! MORE

See 16th Century Connecticut From The New World Trade Center Observation Deck!

If You Look Really, Really Close

An experience that takes you through time... MORE

Kumar (Of "Harold And" Fame) Comes To Connecticut

Commencement season approaches, and one school has already snagged one celebrity... MORE

Middletown's Favorite NASCAR Driver Is Suiting Up For A Baseball Game Today

And he'll play against another NASCAR driver... MORE

How Awful As People Are We That Enfield Has To Create Bus Hygiene Rules?

After reading what they now have to prohibit, humans are terrible... MORE

There's Literally Only One Place In Connecticut You Can See The "Batman v Superman" Trailer On Monday

If you really want to see it, this is your only option... MORE

Adam Carolla Filmed A New Documentary About Paul Newman's Connecticut Auto Racing Career

Even if you're not into auto racing, this looks really interesting... MORE

The Most Hated Band In Connecticut

Go online, and you will see countless comments about how much people hate them. But...they've sold millions and millions of records... MORE

Playboy Declares Connecticut's Official State Food And It's Exactly What You Think It Is

Someone at Playboy made a map of iconic state foods, and you'll probably guess what Connecticut's is... MORE

Someone In Connecticut Has The Most Ridiculous License Plate Frame Ever

So I'm out for lunch and I parked behind this amazing license plate frame... MORE

UConn Women Come Home Today For The Victory Celebration

It's really unbelievable - 10 championships, and three straight! Here's the victory lap info... MORE

Kristen Schaal Talks About Her Experience On Stage The Night Of Dave Chappelle’s Hartford Meltdown

August 2013 - an infamous incident happened in Hartford. Hear about it from another performer's point-of-view that night... MORE

Have Fun Sleeping In Hartford Tonight Because We've Got Bedbugs!

We finally beat the snow, and now we gotta deal with this... MORE