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Fire Up The "Brass Bonanza"!! Connecticut Is Getting The Whale Back...Again...Kinda/Sorta...

It's not gonna be the NHL...but it's a start! MORE

"The Doors" Will Be Preserved For All Time

Hanging on our walls here at 102.9 The Whale, we have a lot of albums - and one will now be preserved for all time in the Library of Congress' National Recording Registry... MORE

Connecticut's #1 Weird Roadside Attraction Is In...Middletown!

He has a roadside stand that sells pretty much everything - seriously, if you're interested in artifacts from Woodstock and whale bones, he's got them both. He has his own bobblehead doll. And he also has the world's largest jack-in-the-box... MORE

Is This The End For Black Sabbath?

Well, if this video is to be believed, then the last show ever is coming up on November 22. But it won't be in England, and it won't be in the US - you'll never believe where you'll have to go to see the last show... Image: PR Photos MORE

Why I'm Taking My Summer Vacation In New Jersey This Year

Remember the commercials for Action Park in the '80s? Seriously...how awesome is this ride gonna be?? MORE

Love It Or Hate It, The Yard Goats Are Here!

And here to stay. So, they waited about 45 minutes after the start time before they made the announcement, but after the votes were tabulated, the Hartford Yard Goats will replace the name of the New Britain Rock Cats in 2015. Clearly, the Internet had their fun as the first runner-up was the Praying Mantis. MORE

Guy Opens Beer Bottle With One Sheet Of Paper

You'll Never Be Without An Opener Again!

The Real Michael Bolton Inserted Into "Office Space" Is The Best Video You'll See Today

"Office Space" is one of the all time greatest comedies of all time - and the "Michael Bolton" scenes are by far some of the funniest. Now, the real Michael Bolton decided to have some fun and recreate them... Image: PR Photos MORE

Jon Bon Jovi Totally Losing It During "Wanted Dead Or Alive"

With America's Most Absurb Backup Singers

Think of how many times he's sung it...but never like this - with Will Forte, Gilbert Gottfied, Al Roker, and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog supporting him... Image: PR Photos MORE

Now’s Your Turn To Name Hartford’s Professional Baseball Team

At 1:30pm today, ground officially broke in Hartford on the new baseball stadium at 1214 Main Street. In fourteen months time, professional baseball will be played once again in Hartford – but what will the name of the team be? MORE