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Why Paul sang it, not John
Love Me Do
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Paul and Ringo

Monday, September 4th is  the 55th anniversary of The Beatles starting work on their first single, "Love Me Do," at London's Abbey Road Studio. After 15 tries, producer George Martin still wasn't satisfied and asked them to return a week later to try again. Written by Paul McCartney when he was a teenager, the song was ultimately recorded using session drummer Andy White because Martin wasn't happy with Ringo Starr's playing. George was tough! The single features Ringo on tambourine, while the take on the Past Masters release has Ringo on drums. "Love Me Do" topped the Billboard Hot 100 in May, 1964, more than a year and a half after it was first released in the U.K.

Here’s Paul McCartney on how he came to sing on “Love Me Do.”

"John always sang the lead and always sang the little bit where everything stopped and went ‘love me do.’ But George Martin was getting him to play the harmonica riff, so he said, ‘Well look, you can’t play the harmonica riff and sing the “love me do” bit, so let Paul sing the “love me do” line.’ So suddenly in the middle of all of this nerves I got a new line to sing, which I actually preferred John singing, but he couldn’t do it, ‘cause he was playing harmonica live on it. So out of nowhere I was lead vocalist on this thing and boy was I nervous. I can still hear the terror in my voice, but not many other people seem to notice it.”

Here is what John Lennon said about “Love Me Do.”

”It was Paul's song. He wrote it when he was a teenager. I know he had the song around in Hamburg even. Way, way before we were songwriters.”

George Harrison on the feeling The Beatles got listening to their debut single, "Love Me Do," on the airwaves.

"I remember first hearing that song on the radio. That was the best buzz of all time. We knew it was gonna be on tonight. 7:30 Thursday night it's gonna be on Radio Luxembourg. And we all listened in, and that was 'wow!'"

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