50 years ago today (April 9th), David Bowie met his future first wife, Angela Barrett, while seeing King Crimson at the Speakeasy Club in London.  The song “‘Changes” started out as a parody of a nightclub song,” and it was “kind of [a] throwaway.” It was on the album Hunky Dory in 1971. Bowie’s co-producer, Ken Scott, agrees that the song’s longevity is surprising, and that he was also amazed at how long it took for Bowie to become a star here.

”At the time, I would never ever have guessed that ‘Changes’ would be the classic that it finished up being. We all felt when we were recording that it would break in America before it broke anywhere else. It finished up being the complete opposite. It took five years to break over here and we had number ones throughout the rest of the world. It was strange.”

Photo Credit: Wild1 / Photorazzi

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