Not only does Mark Farner celebrate his 72nd birthday today (September 29th), but on his 25th birthday in 1973, “We’re an American Band” hit number-one on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart. But mark didn’t write it! he was the guitarist, singer and main song writer but he didn’t write “We’re an American Band,” but he says he did contribute. He tells how the idea for the song came about.

“Our manager, Andy Cavaliere, suggested that we do something patriotic, a song about America, or something about the U.S.A. or something. And Don Brewer came up with that tune. The drum lick that starts the song with the cowbell and everything, I came up with that and I came up with the [sings] the little guitar riffs and things. But majorly, Brewer’s song. His lyrics, for sure, and it was like a fantasy of being on the road and it really hit home with a lot of fans.”

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