The Jethro Tull song “Bungle in the Jungle”from “War Child in 1974 came about from an abortive attempt to record an album in France. He tells what happened and what the song is kind of about.

“We struggled away, trying to do all these recordings in this French chateau where all sorts of famous people, I guess, Elton John and Cat Stevens had been. We just couldn’t get anything to sound right in there at all. Plus, we were all feeling very homesick, so we jumped on a plane, abandoned the record, went back to England to our favorite recording studio and set about trying to record it all again — most of which didn’t work out, because it ended up on a completely different album called War Child. Some songs we actually did manage to salvage in some form, like this little ditty called ‘Bungle in the Jungle,’ about the animal reality of life in the city.”


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