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Metallica is Nice

Before ROBERT TRUJILLO joined METALLICA, he opened for them on their 1993 tour as a member of SUICIDAL TENDENCIES.  And he said they were AWESOME tour mates.

In an Apple Music interview, Robert said, quote, “We had made a record that I guess LARS [ULRICH] seemed to like . . . I got my first official bonus, I’ll never forget that . . .

“We were summoned to go meet them in their tour lounge . . . and were handed each an envelope with cash . . . it was about $1,000 and that was the most money I had ever made, or saw, through music.  It was just so kind and amazing.”

Robert auditioned and joined Metallica in 2003 when they needed a bass player.

He said, quote, “Being in a band like Metallica . . . it requires a lot more than just being able to play the songs . . . You’ve got to get along with your people, and you’ve got to understand how to gauge the territory.” 


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