The Rolling Stones will kick off Labor Day weekend with the deluxe reissue of their third album of the ’70s — 1973’s Goats Head Soup.

Mick Jagger on Goats Head Soup:

“The weird thing about this record is, it is a few bits and bobs. Most of it was focused in a way and recorded in Jamaica, but not all of it. When you listen to it it’s very different from [our previous album] Exile [on Main St.]. But Exile was this sprawling thing that was recorded everywhere over a long time period. And Goats Head’s a bit more centered on what we recorded in Kingston, Jamaica. Though of course Exile wad very mixed up with tracks from previous sessions and so on. I don’t really recall us having any sort of sit down talk saying, ‘Okay, we’re gonna make a record that’s different.’ I don’t think we did at all. But it’s a very kind of quite eclectic bunch of songs I think.”

Keith Richards on Goats Head Soup.

“As far as Goats Head Soup went, I realize that it was the first album that Mick and I really truly had to deal with the Exile bit. Because Exile on Main St., hey, we were ready to go. We just lived in my basement, everybody, and we just did what we did. And we were still like on each other’s backs. But by the time we got to cut the Goats Head Soup, Mick and I, all of the band, had sort of separated over the world for a while, you know, so you had to learn in a way, or figure out how to write songs outside of not being in each other’s pocket all the time, you know.”

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