Nobody noticed the lyrics to "Rusty Cage"

On today's "Rock Gossip"…nobody noticed the lyrics to Soundgarden's "Rusty Cage" until Johnny Cash covered it, and the first Beatles album was recorded in one day. Photo: Albert L. Ortega/

No idea what the lyrics mean

On today's "Rock Gossip", Bernie Leadon, formerly of the Eagles, doesn't know what the lyrics mean, and Billy Joel celebrates 100. Photo: Arlene Richie/

Ringo has child-like qualities

On today's "Rock Gossip"…Ringo has child-like qualities, and the Doobie Brothers play whole albums. Photo: Mikhail Urubkov/

Sting can rhyme

On today's "Rock Gossip"…Sting can rhyme, and Mick Jones of Foreigner likes the new singer better. Photo: Landmark/

The Genius of Brian Wilson

On today's "Rock Gossip"…the genius songwriting process of Brian Wilson, and Christine McVie on "Say You Love Me". Photo: Solarpix/

"The Song" remains the same

On today's "Rock Gossip"…"the song" remains the same, and Cream records very quickly. Photo: Adam Bielawski/