“Lonesome Dave” Peverett was born 69 years ago today (April 16th). (Dave Edmunds, who produced the studio version of “I Just Want to Make Love to You,” turned 75 yesterday.) The song was a Willie Dixon song and they had played it once in a previous band and thought it was a good song to do. The late Dave Peverett in a 1990 interview explained how Foghat came to record the Willie Dixon song “I Just Want to Make Love to You.” He said he regularly listened to a Best of Muddy Waters compilation growing up, and that song was a favorite of his.

“When we were still with Savoy Brown, we ran out of encores one night and we were jamming. I threw that song in and w we jammed around it. And then when we formed Foghat we kept that in mind as being a good song to do. Dave Edmunds produced the original record and got a great feel, great sound, a little bit of distortion, which doesn’t hurt sometimes. It’s a great song to do, lyrically. Like most Willie Dixon songs, they’re very simple, but very effective.”

Photo Credit: Landmark / PR Photos

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