Rush were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame six years ago today (April 18th). The song “Working Man” goes way, way back. It’s on the album titled Rush in 1974 but it goes back further.  It was not released as a single, but a fan and rock radio favorite throughout the band’s entire career. Geddy Lee says he and Alex Lifeson wrote “Working Man” while still in their teens.

”I think we were out of high school, but it was a long, long time ago. [We] definitely played it around the bars for many years before it ever got recorded. It was a favorite in the pubs and it wasn’t really until the record got released that we realized what a favorite it was becoming, because for some reason that song just connected. Even today, people come up to me and want to hear that song and they love that song. And it was probably the song that did the most to break us in the United States, the way it connected. And when it did get on the radio, it had a lot of impact.”

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