So it’s Monday, and you have to drag yourself out of bed, down the stairs, and into work to begin yet another week. Let’s face it, you got the Back To Work Blues. Hell, we all got the blues, so why not greet the week with a classic blues song.This week’s Back To Work Blues comes from the pride of Georgia, The Allman Brothers Band with their version of the Blind Willie Mctell’s blues classic “Statesboro Blues”. The Allman Brothers Band’s version is a reworking of Taj Mahal’s 1968 recording of the song. The story goes that Duane Allman, who was ill at the time, was given a copy of Taj Mahal’s self-titled debut album, containing his version of “Statesboro Blues”, along with a bottle of cold medicine by his brother Gregg. After listening to the album, Duane, who had never played slide before, took the pill bottle, washed off the label, and began to teach himself how to play slide guitar along with the album. Thus beginning his career as one of the great slide players and guitarist of the early 1970s. The Allman Brothers Band recorded “Statesboro Blues” during their 1971 concert at the Fillmore East in New York City for their live album, At Fillmore East . Their version of the song contains what several rock critics from Rolling Stone to Guitar Player Magazine have cited as one of the greatest guitar solos of all time, specifically mentioning Duane Allman’s slide technique and guitar tone. To cure your blues this morning, enjoy The Allman Brothers Band with their jaunty and raucous version of “Statesboro Blues”.


Photo Credit-Pexels


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