The Eagles’ last album was Long Road Out of Eden in 2007. They will be back on the road in February — doing their Hotel California album in its entirety plus a greatest hits set — in six cities: Atlanta, New York, Dallas, Houston, San Francisco and Los Angeles. The Eagles have been rejuvenated with the addition of the late Glenn Frey’s son, Deacon, and Vince Gill, but does Don Henley see them recording a new album?

“I don’t know if we got that in us. You know, doing these live shows is pretty challenging for we older members of the band. And, if we made a new album and it was the best album we ever made it wouldn’t get played on the radio. That’s just the way things are. It’s about the new and the young and we’re too old to get played on the radio. Even though we have an enormous fan base, it’s just not the way things work.”

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