Since it is Veteran’s Day, here is some Veteran’s Day kindness. John Fogerty, a former member of the Army Reserve in the mid-’60s, will attend a Veterans Day Ceremony today (Monday) where he will dedicate the Proud Mary John Fogerty Container Home at Veterans Village in Las Vegas.

Here is John Fogerty on his visit to Veterans Village today (Monday) in Las Vegas and what the organization’s President and Chief Executive Officer Arnold Stalk is able to do for veterans.

“One of his things that he’s able to do is convert these large shipping containers — the kind you see on tankers, you know, out in the ocean — into livable quarters. And my wife [Julie] and I took some of the money that was — how can I say it — was donated to all the artists that were supposed to play Woodstock 50, but that fell through but the artists were allowed to keep the money. And at the time I said, ‘Well, you know, I really can’t take this because I didn’t do anything.’ So I’m gonna donate this to my cause, veterans, and we’re gonna turn over one of these to a veteran and his family.”

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