The Who have been around for 55 years, but only managed to record 12 albums — and that 12th one, simply titled Who, is out today (Friday).

Recording on the backing tracks began in January, but Roger Daltrey wasn’t convinced that the demos Pete Townshend sent him would work, telling us they “sounded a little bit Broadway.”

So Daltrey went into another studio, separate from the band, to try to wrap his head around the songs. Here’s Roger:

“It takes me quite a long time to get into identifying with the songs and putting myself in there because I certainly don’t like to copy. I can only sing from my heart. If you give me a load of words to sing and write them down I really can’t do it. I can always identify the ones which will make really good Who songs. But sometimes it takes me a while to understand where Pete’s coming from and understand how I’m gonna climb into it. Because otherwise it sounds like he’s given me a solo album of his.”

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