45 years ago today (January 16th) Paul McCartney and Wings arrived at Sea-Saint Studios in New Orleans to begin sessions for Venus and Mars, their follow-up to the chart-topping Band on the Run album. The song “Band on the Run” was  built up like a sculpture. Paul already had the idea for a song titled “Band on the Run” when he, Linda and Denny Laine left for Lagos, Nigeria to record the album that would become Band on the Run. He describes how the song was created in the studio.

“It’d be me on drums and probably normally me and Denny’d start it off with a couple of acoustics just to get the song down, like you would for a demo, and then we’d just build it up like a sculpture. And the song, in writing itself, sort of then came to that phrase ‘band on the run’ and I thought, ‘That’s nice, ’cause if it makes it as a recording it will be a great album title.’”

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