Queen was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on March 19th, 2001, along with Steely DanPaul SimonMichael Jackson and others. Their song  “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” became the band’s first # 1. Guitarist Brian May says they were completely unaware of the rockabilly revival that was brewing at the time they recorded it. The rockabilly revival led by The Stray Cats was the furthest thing from their minds when they recorded “Crazy Little Thing Called Love.”



“That’s curious. That’s another example of history just coming to a point at a certain time, because we were totally unaware that there were sort of revival rockabilly groups around at that time waiting to be discovered. We made the thing because we liked how Elvis sounded and it was fun to redo that kind of thing. And then when we put it out everyone said, ‘Hey, you’re spearheading the great rockabilly revival,’ and we were showed into the middle of something else that really wasn’t planned. We just made a record and liked the sound of it, that’s all.”

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