Jenny Boyd takes us along on a wild ride in her new memoir Jennifer Juniper: A Journey Beyond the Music.

The onetime London model and former wife of Mick Fleetwood tells us, “It’s a journey through an extraordinary time in history, where I was in these pivotal places at the pivotal times and was very much in the center of it all.”

Jenny Boyd says her memoir re-traces of her always interesting life.

“All the innocence of the ’60s and the decadence of the ’70s, being with Fleetwood Mac and all the things that happened there, which was kind of crazy. And then coming through the other side, and finding myself.”

Boyd was as close to the center of British rock as anyone. A top London model whose sister Patti was married to George Harrison and then left him for Eric Clapton, Jenny was the inspiration for Donovan‘s classic song “Jennifer Juniper.” She’s fallen out of touch with Donovan in recent years, and isn’t even sure if he’s aware she named her book after his song.

Jenny separated from the rock world when her marriage to Mick Fleetwood broke down. Now remarried, she has earned a doctorate and counsels on addiction issues. Her background has given her a unique perspective on why so many talented people abuse drugs and alcohol.

Jenny Boyd on why talented people are often drawn to addictive substances.

“My sense is that a lot of artists, real geniuses, they have a very fine membrane between the conscious and the unconscious. Where some people can probably survive it, I think for them, because they’re so finely tuned as artists, they lose it. I think geniuses, a sort of, there is a bit of genius in madness that takes place, isn’t there. Some some kind of fine line.”

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