David Lee Roth went back in time for his hit song: “California Girls” It came out late 1984 (single), early 1985 (EP) Crazy From the Heat.  Of course it was a Beach Boys song. The DLR version peaked at number-three on the Billboard Hot 100 and hit number-three on the Mainstream Rock Tracks chart. David Lee Roth launched his solo career while still a member of Van Halen with this.  He tells what attracted him to that song.


“It’s what I call wallpaper music. Now for me, you can be driving through the pouring rain in the middle of February just outside Munich, Germany and when you flip on The Beach Boys it’s summer. I’ve always tried to do that with my music as well and ‘California Girls’ was a part of me sort of stepping through the looking glass into that very song for a couple of seconds. I got to go back in time and be on that record for a couple of seconds.”

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