50 years ago today (May 18th, 1970), The Beatles released their final album, Let It Be, in the U.S., 10 days after its British release. The song “Get Back” was simple according to Ringo. He just kept doing what he was doing when they were working out the rhythm. It was released as a standalone single, it was remixed before appearing as the closing cut on Let It Be.’ ‘ Ringo Starr says there’s nothing particularly fancy about the rhythms he plays on The Beatles’ “Get Back.”


“‘It’s a fairly simple song, really, and that rhythm I was doing was just like when you’re working it out, y’know, it’s just like something to do. [hand claps, thigh slaps] Just, y’know, instead of doot-doot-dot-dot, y’know. And it really sounded good with the piece, y’know, so I just kept it in.”

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