Original Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers drummer Stan Lynch is 65 today (May 21st)  His simple drum part made the song “You Got Lucky”.  Actually it was a looped tape of the drum part. Guitarist Mike Campbell explains how.

“Stan had come over to my house and I had drums set up and a little 4-track and I had some mics up and he was just playing a beat. And there was just like one measure of it that really had a great groove, so I just cut the tape and made a loop of it and then ran that off on one of the 4-track things and made some music up to it. ‘Cause of the keyboard thing, I thought it maybe wasn’t quite right for the group, and then Tom heard it and goes, ‘I know what to do with that.’ And then we went in and recut it the same way with the drum loop and then overdubbed some real drums against that. That was the story behind that one.”

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