Bernie Taupin is 70 today was born on (May 22nd), Lyricist for Elton John, they have been writing together for decades. Elton John’s 1975 Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy was an autobiographical concept album about the struggles Elton and his lyricist Bernie Taupin went through in their early days of their career. Taupin says the words to that album’s only single, “Someone Saved My Life Tonight,” came straight out of Elton’s life.: “Someone Saved My Life Tonight”


“It was regarding an incident that happened to Elton where he was supposed to get engaged to this girl and everybody around him thought it was going to be disaster. Myself and a guy that Elton used to play for called Long John Baldry, who was a great British blues singer, we all went out one night and totally dissuaded him — got him thoroughly drunk and he came crashing through the door saying, ‘It’s over! It’s off! It’s off!’ And then she pretended she was doing away with herself and then he pretended to do away with himself. It was all those bits and pieces thrown together.”

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