Ringo Starr says the reason the new Beatles documentary, Get Back, has been postponed from its opening in September until August of next year is because director Peter Jackson has been locked out of his studio due to the pandemic.

The film is based primarily on unreleased footage captured during the 1969 making of their Let it Be album. Ringo says he’s impressed with what’s already been done. The movie only shows that the Beatles are not getting along but that’s not the whole story, that’s just the way it was edited.  Here is Ringo on the documentary.


“I’d only seen the on the roof stuff that Peter edited together and, you know, in the movie, it was, I’m guessing, 10 minutes long. It’s now 36 minutes long and it is incredible. You know how it started. We found 56 hours of unused footage … and I always believed that the one that came out (Let it Be) was a bit dull and it stuck to one second of what happened between the boys. And he when he comes into L.A. he’ll bring up his iPad…we’re all laughing or telling jokes. We’re having fun we’re playing and there’s a lot more joy.”

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