Paul McCartney has made no bones about the facts that some of his lyrics don’t make sense, and, he has, on occasion, tossed in some Liverpool slang.

He says, “When you are kids you make up silly things, and what’s great about it is you and your friends all know those silly things… So, they don’t have to mean anything! We had a few words and phrases that, if one of us said it, would amuse the others because it was like a secret code…”

One of those codes appeared in John Lennon‘s “Sun King” from the medley on Side Two of The BeatlesAbbey Road.

Paul McCartney on Liverpool slang making it into John Lennon’s “Sun King” on The Beatles’ Abbey Road.

“He didn’t have any middle lyrics so we were just making up rubbish. There’s an expression, it was called chicka ferdy. Chicka ferdy! Chicka ferdy! I don’t know if you ever heard it, but it was like, you know, it was a rude expression. I never heard it anywhere else, so we kind of put it in the Spanish lyrics [sings]. So doing that with John with the guys, that was like a great memory.”

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