Today (May 3rd) is the 45th anniversary of the release of Rocks, which features “Back in the Saddle.” It was their first Top 10 album. “Back in the Saddle” made it to number 38 on Billboard’s Hot 100.  One of the highlights of “Back in the Saddle” is what Wikipedia calls the “sound effects of a galloping horse and whips, and screams and yodeling by Steven Tyler at the end of the song.” Apparently they used an actual bullwhip, but that didn’t work out, and they had to try something else. Tyler explains how he and producer Jack Douglas finally got the sounds they wanted.

“I said, ‘Jack, set up four Neumanns. Neumanns are these vocal mics — they’re German and they’re just superb, you can turn them up so loud. And I get up like this to it, and ‘doodoop-doodoop- doodoop’ — you can hear the blood go through your veins, it’s such a good microphone. I set up four of them and I took a guitar cord and I went ‘whoo-whoo.’ And that’s what you hear — put the headphones on to hear it. And I still have a scar to this day from doing that.”


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