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A new Foo Fighters compilation is due out October 28th.

The Essential Foo Fighters will be released on CD with 19 tracks, and as a double record and digitally with 21 tracks. It will include hits like “Everlong” (in electric and acoustic forms), “Times Like These” and “My Hero.”

This compilation updates the band’s 2009 Greatest Hits album by dropping the title track to Skin and Bones and the two songs recorded for that album — “Wheels” and “Word Forward.”

Essential adds seven tracks recorded in the past 10 years — “Rope,” “Walk” and “These Days” from Wasting Light; “The Sky is a Neighborhood” from Concrete and Gold; and “Making a Fire,” “Shame Shame” and “Waiting on a War” from Medicine at Midnight. There’s also “Cold Day in the Sun,” which has a Taylor Hawkins lead vocal, from the 2005 album In Your Honor.


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