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Not Next Year but…

Stone Gossard says that Pearl Jam has a good start on their next album.

Gossard said that “We’ve got demos for days. Everybody writes in the band, so now it’s really just trying to figure out what’s something different for us and what’s something exciting.”

Gossard also confirmed that Andrew Watt is producing the album. “The plan is that we’re gonna do some more recording, and we’re gonna try to finish a record here pretty soon. There’s songs that are getting close to being done and there’s a bunch that aren’t.”

He added, “I think we’ve got a good start on another record that will be hopefully good. I bet it’s gonna be 2024 before the record comes out, is my guess — but we’re working on it.” Pearl Jam’s last album, Gigaton, was released in 2020 and the band played the dates supporting it this year.


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