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Robert Plant wants a new dog for Christmas.

He says “When I was a kid, my mom was allergic to dog hair and stuff. We never had a fluffy pet or anything like that. So over the last so many years, I’ve always prized these beautiful running dogs. They’re a combination of Greyhound and a terrier.

“And the traveling folk, the gypsies and the travelers — you always see them with them; they’re just really beautiful — they’re this kind of dog you see on all those medieval paintings and stuff. There’s always somebody standing behind the blinds with a beautiful animal.

“I lost my best dog after 14 years about two or three months ago, and I said I would never have another dog, but life without a dog is difficult for me…

“Things are good… I’m actually living a normal life, finally. I hate it.”

Plant recently wrapped up a year of touring with Alison Krauss and then with his band, Saving Grace.


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