Last week, Brian May said he wasn’t yet ready to comment on the racial unrest that has swept the world following the death of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis Police Department.

At the time, May said, “Like many of you, I feel scared to say anything, because if you disagree with the kind of ‘mob’ mentality of the moment, you’ve got hell to pay. So I agree with some of it, and then some of it I don’t agree with. But you think I dare speak up and say anything, well not easily ‘cos you risk being pilloried, don’t you.”

May has now commented saying we can’t change the past, but we “can change the future.”

“However much we may hate the past or dislike it or be ashamed of it, it’s not changeable. And it’s essential, it’s vital that we don’t try to change it or sweep anything under the carpet because with all its atrocities and evil deeds and mistakes, it has to be preserved intact and in truth. Otherwise, our children and our children’s children will have no idea what we were trying to do in 2020.”

And, May goes onto explain why we can’t or should not try and change the past.

“It’s vital that we know these things or humanity will never learn these lessons. Imagine trying to pretend that the Holocaust never existed or that all the appalling acts of torture and betrayal that the human race has committed — imagine if all that was covered up or changed in some way and we were no longer telling the truth. There would be no way of learning, no way of us improving ourselves.”

So, in order to effect change, May says we have to communicate.

“We should sit down and talk and let’s talk with compassion and understanding and even with a sense of humor. It all has to be there, otherwise we will make terrible mistakes and make this into the next bloody mess. I think we have to go slowly and carefully and try to understand each other’s point of view. And, above all, do not let us suppress free speech. Once free speech is suppressed that’s how totalitarian states are born and I don’t think that’s the route we want to walk down.”

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