Steve Miller wrote “Rock’n Me” in 20 minutes!  He was motivated by the fact that he needed a rock’n number for his 1975 set at the Knebworth Festival in England. It became a number 1 hit from his 1976 album Fly Like an Eagle. Here is how it came about. He was asked if he’d perform at the 1975 Knebworth Festival before headliners Pink Floyd, Steve Miller initially declined. He had no band together at the time and didn’t think he could assemble one on short notice. But after the promoters offered to double his already lucrative paycheck, he called ex-CCR drummer Doug Clifford, guitarist Les Dudek and bassist Lonnie Turner. He explains how that gig led him to write “Rock’n Me.”


“I said, ‘How’d you guys like to have an all-expense paid vacation to London next week?” They said, ‘What is it?’ And I told them and they said, ‘Yeah.’ And they came over and rehearsed in my house — ran through the numbers we were gonna do, a lot of which were Jimmy Reed numbers and knocked everybody out. And I wrote ‘Rock’n Me’ because I was sitting there going, ‘It’s going to be 150,000 people. Pink Floyd will come on when it’s dark and the lights turn on. They’ll put me on while the sun’s going down and everybody’s cold. And the P.A. will be bad, so I’m going to have to rock everybody out. I wrote ‘Rock’n Me’ for that in about 20 minutes.”

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