Don Felder turns 73 today.  He came up with the song Hotel California which ended up being the title track of the album that went up to #1. Glenn Freyand Don Henley helped out. When guitarist Don Felder presented the initial demo for “Hotel California” to Don Henley and Glenn Frey, it was given the working title “Mexican Reggae.” But when the Eagles began recording the song many months later, Felder tells us he’d pretty much forgotten the demo and was working on new solos for it with Joe Walsh. Until Henley walked into the studio, that is. Don Felder talking about Don Henley:


“He says, ‘No, no, no. You gotta do it like the demo,’ ‘cause he had been listening to the demo over and over and over. So I had to call up my housekeeper back in Malibu – we were in Miami in the studio – have her go look through my cassettes and find this cassette that said ‘Mexican Reggae’ on the outside of it, put it in a blaster and play it. She held the phone up to the blaster and we recorded it. And I had to sit down and learn note for note what I just made up on the spot, which turned out to be the solo you pretty much hear on the record right now.”

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