The SCORPIONS had a huge hit in the early ’90s with “Wind of Change” . . . which is about how the Soviet Union was changing and opening up at the time. It was SUPPOSEDLY written by lead singer KLAUS MEINE, who was inspired by how much different Russia seemed between gigs there in 1988 and ’89. I say “supposedly” because there are people who believe it was actually written by the CIA as Cold War propaganda.  (???)  And now there’s an eight-part podcast coming out that tries to determine if that’s true. The CIA tried to off Castro by hiring the Mafia and it failed…it’s hard to believe they could write a sensitive song.

It’s called “Wind of Change”, and it’s hosted by Patrick Radden Keefe, an investigative journalist from “The New Yorker”. He says, quote, “I’ve had so much fun pursuing this crazy story over the course of a year, exploring the dark byways of Cold War history and doing nearly a hundred interviews in four countries with rockers and spies.  I can’t wait to share it with the world.”

“Wind of Change” hits Spotify on May 11th.

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