Kim Thayil guitarist for Soundgarden tuens 60 today. He couldn’t believe Chris Cornell wrote “Black Hole Sun” so quickly, and on guitar.  It was on the album Superunknown in 1994.  He first heard “Black Hole Sun” on a demo the late Chris Cornell brought into the studio.


“There are guitar parts on that that sounded like they would’ve been written on piano. They’re not, but it sounded that way — like the opening arpeggiated part. I thought, ‘Wow! You wrote that that quickly?’ Hiro Yamamoto, our founding bass player, walked into the studio to kind of say hi and he heard that demo and he starts smiling. He goes, ‘That’s your hit.’”

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On September 1st, 1980, Fleetwood Mac ended their 10-month Tusk world tour at the Hollywood Bowl, where Lindsey Buckingham announced that it would be the group’s last show for a long time. “Tusk” was a Lindsey Buckingham track that had been put aside during the...