Bruce Springsteen released his landmark album, Born to Run, 45 years ago today, Tuesday — August 25th, 1975.

It was the pivotal album in his career, coming after two albums that hardly sold, despite great reviews. The feeling was that if his third album wasn’t successful, it might spell the end of Springsteen as a recording artist. He says there was definitely pressure on him.

“Even though my first record had got a lot of attention when it came out, shortly thereafter we kinda slipped back under the radar. This particular record you knew that the spotlight was gonna be on you, so you were always — you were aware of that to a certain degree.”

Springsteen says he spent an enormous amount of time composing the album’s title track, which became his first Top 40 hit and was a lengthy process of writing the song “Born to Run.”

“The music was composed very meticulously, so were the words. The amount of time spent honing the lyrics was enormous. The notebook that I wrote ‘Born to Run’ in, you would take the first page and you would see a line or two — 50 pages later you know you’d get something close to the finished song. I think it was this thick with different versions and I wrote and I rewrote it and I rewrote it and I rewrote it.”

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