Jon Bon Jovi in Love...

On today's "Rock Gossip"…Jon Bon Jovi is in love…with Bon Jovi, and Bob Dylan wanted a trombone. Photo: J. Bailey/

David Byrne Misinterpreted

On today's "Rock Gossip"…David Byrne of Talking Heads misinterpreted, and Yes 50th anny and Yes 50th anny. Photo: Janet Mayer....

Fleetwood Mac Fires a Member

On today's "Rock Gossip"…Fleetwood Mac dumps Lindsey Buckingham, and Led Zeppelin finds mispronunciation funny. Photo: PRN/

Paul told George NOT to play

On today's "Rock Gossip"…Paul told George NOT to play, and Dire Straits without Knopfler's at the R&R Hall of Fame Induction. Photo: Stills Press/

Robert Plant Remembers

On today's "Rock Gossip"…Robert Plant remembers how he forgot, and…but wait, there's more. Photo: Carlos Tischler/

Happy Birthday Eric Clapton!

On today's "Rock Gossip"…many are Eric Clapton fans…who is he a fan of? Plus, Judas Priest chooses tour songs. Photo: Landmark/

What Inspired "Jumpin' Jack Flash"?

On today's "Rock Gossip"…the gardener did it! What inspired "Jumpin' Jack Flash", and Steven Tyler might have been singing with Led Zeppelin. Photo: Wild1/