Todd Rundgren is 72 today (June 22)  His song: “Hello It’s Me” recorded with his band Nazz in 1968 (charted at # 66) then again as a solo artist in 1972 (made it to #5) was inspired by a high school breakup. It was the first song he ever wrote and was reversed from what actually happened.

“I needed subject matter and that was easy because I wasn’t that far from having being dumped by my dream girl in high school. Actually, her father dumped me. I brought her home one day and he saw my long hair and turned the hose on me. So I think he made her drop me. But what I did, essentially, in writing the lyrics was I didn’t want to be the sap, so I turned the whole thing around. I made it seem as if I dropped her. ‘I’ll call you maybe once in a while, y’know, but I’ve got other things to do, I’m moving on.’”

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